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5 on Healthgrades, Sep 10, 2019
This is such a well-run office. Everyone is cheerful, efficient and fun. They all bring their A-game and seem to enjoy their job. You can feel it from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave. Dr. Nelson does beautiful work-he has straightened the teeth of two of our kids and we would highly recommend them as the best in area.
5 on Google, Sep 04, 2019
5 on Google, Aug 26, 2019
5 on Google, Aug 21, 2019
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5 on Google, Aug 07, 2019
5 on Healthgrades, Aug 06, 2019
I like Dr. Nelson and his staff very much: they are wonderful people and very professional. I am very pleased with their attention to detail in helping my son achieve a great smile that will last a lifetime. The offices are lovely and the hours are accommodating. I would highly recommend this orthodontist to friends.
5 on Google, Aug 06, 2019
We have had a great experience at Nelson Orthodontics. The staff care about their work and about the comfort of the people they are treating, and Dr. Nelson really seems to want to get to a result that everyone will be happy with. My daughter is thrilled with her smile!
5 on Google, Aug 02, 2019
5 on Google, Jul 26, 2019
5 on Healthgrades, Jul 25, 2019
Dr. Nelson is our family’s bite/smile engineer. We love him. Office staff is prompt and courteous.
5 on Healthgrades, Jul 19, 2019
We brought my son to Dr. Nelson for expanders. He and his staff are super nice, were great with my son, and did a beautiful job on his teeth. We aren’t done with orthodontics for our kids and will definitely go back to him. The offices are also very clean and they have fun areas and giveaways for the kids.
5 on Google, Jul 19, 2019
Dr. Nelson and his team are terrific! It has been a long process to straight out his teeth and correct his jawline. After two stages of braces my son has a beautiful smile and the bite he was meant to have. Thank you Dr. Nelson!
5 on Google, Jul 19, 2019
We brought my son to Dr. Nelson for expanders. He and his staff are super nice, were great with my son, and did a beautiful job on his teeth. We aren’t done with orthodontics for our kids and will definitely go back to him. The offices are also very clean and they have fun areas and giveaways for the kids.
5 on Healthgrades, Jul 18, 2019
A very professional practice. I am pleased with my treatment with Dr. Nelson. Their follow up and communication were clear and the appointments were convenient.
5 on Google, Jul 09, 2019
5 on Google, Jul 06, 2019
My teeth look great and the staff are always so kind. They are also very active in the local Magnolia and Ballard community.
5 on Google, Jul 03, 2019
We are halfway through our excellent orthodontic experience. These guys are friendly and know what they’re doing.
5 on Google, Jun 05, 2019
We just adore Dr. Nelson! I've had several kids in braces throughout the past decade, so Dr. Nelson's office is starting to feel like our home away from home. It's such a wonderful environment. We're always greeted by the friendly front desk staff. My kids enjoy checking themselves in on the touch screen. The physical space is really great: there's cheerful, vibrant artwork on the walls, and a fun kids' hide-out with a tv and lots of throw pillows in a nook of the waiting room. There are frequently fun little contests and games going on, to entertain the kids while they're waiting. And Dr. Nelson himself is just absolutely amazing. Such a calm, kind, competent orthodontist. He has a very soothing and pleasant manner, is great with patients of all ages, and has worked his magic to create a bunch of beautiful smiles among our family! I also appreciate how well-organized and straightforward the whole process has been; they've made things as easy for me as possible. We couldn't be happier with our experience here.
5 on Google, May 20, 2019
Dr. Nelson is a excellent orthodontist! I am a dental student and was referred to him by someone at UW school of Dentistry. Dr. Nelson is highly respected in the schools and several of the faculty members take their kids to him. My case is difficult and he has done wonderful job. The staff has been very kind, helpful and always got me in quickly when problems arose. If I end up in Seattle long term I will be taking my kids here.
5 on Google, Apr 10, 2019
Super friendly staff and an amazing doctor. I would highly recommend Nelson Orthodontics! 🦷
on Google, Jan 09, 2019
Our daughter just recently had her braces taken off, after a four year journey with Nelson Orthodontics, and we are happy to say it was a very positive experience over all. Dr. Paul Nelson was very thoughtful and thorough in his assessment of what our daughter needed. Also, he was very approachable and always took the time to help us understand clearly every step of the process along the way. In addition, the staff at Nelson Orthodontics were most respectful; patient, kind, friendly, welcoming and always willing to facilitate our needs. Thank you Dr. Nelson and wonderful staff for this pleasant experience.
5 on Google, Aug 10, 2018
My son has been going to Dr. Nelson and we couldn't be happier with the results. The staff has always been professional and courteous. I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson.
5 on Google, Jun 10, 2018
Nelson Orthodontics was amazing! They were very upfront about the costs and expectations at our very first meeting. My son had his first round of ortho to expand his bite and straighten some of his teeth. It lasted a year just as expected. Each appointment we went to Dr. Nelson was on time and the office runs like clockwork. I love that the patients can check themselves in at the screen as it made my son feel a little more in charge. They also do really fun monthly games at the office for prizes which my son loved. We now have retainers waiting for his remaining seven adult teeth to come in before we determine what the next phase will be.
5 on Google, Jun 10, 2018
I had an excellent experience, everything was as promised, I am very happy with the result. Highly recommended!
5 on Google, Jun 10, 2018
5 on Google, Jun 10, 2017
5 on Google, Jun 10, 2016
Did an excellent job with my daughter's braces. All the staff are wonderful! Thanks!!
5 on Yellow Pages, Mar 23, 2010
We are going through Nelson Orthodontics for the second time with our middle child, and have always had a wonderful experience. Everyone is so delightful and they truely make our visits fun and comfortable. The girls are great fun to chat with. My son gets excited about their patient contest and prizes. Thanks guys for making the dental chair fun again.