Curly-haired woman holding a clear aligner for Invisalign treatment

Can Invisalign Fix Your Overbite?

That overbite doesn’t cause any issues, right? At least none that you know of. Those teeth stick out just a bit over the bottom ones, so it’s NO big deal, correct? Or do they stick out a lot, but you can’t do anything about it at this point? Right? NOPE, none of this is true. […]

Is Everyone a Candidate for Invisalign®?

  If you’ve been researching how to straighten your teeth, you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. You’ve seen some amazing results, and you’re probably wondering – is everyone a candidate for Invisalign? The short answer is most likely YES! Straighten teeth without metal and wires Orthodontic technology has come a long way in recent years. With […]

8 reasons to love clear aligners

8 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners Over Metal Braces

Have you been putting off getting your smile straightened because you’d rather not be seen with metal brackets and wires all over your teeth? Traditional braces can take years to successfully straighten your smile – all the while you are dealing with eating restrictions, the endless struggle of brushing and flossing around all those wires, […]